The new Adore Animals

Although we’ve said goodbye to the Foundation, the good news is, we’ve decided to stick around, at least for awhile!

Adore Animals, as a group of animal devotees, will keep providing information and education about animals, with the aim of inspiring positive solutions for the benefit of animals and fostering positive relationships between humans and animals.

We’ve kept most of the articles and stories that we posted as the Foundation on the site, so there’s always lots of information and resources to refer to. Of course, we’ll also be regularly posting new information.

We’ve also started a new category called Review which collates our book reviews, with more books and film to be added. If you’d like to add to this with a review of your own, that’s what this site is all about, so just use the contact page or contact us on our Facebook page (we’re still listed as Adore Animals Foundation). We’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like to know what we are now about, just visit our About Us page.

Remember, if you have information or a story to share let us know! There are so many (warming, heartbreaking, happy, tragic, inspiring, amazing – fill in the blank) stories out there and we want to share them to help make this world better for animals.

Photo: Greg Carter

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