The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Art of Racing in the Rain. Garth Stein. If you ever wondered what your dog may be thinking, then this novel may give you a surprising insight. It’s not easy to write from the point of view of a dog, but it seems Garth Stein has mastered it. His novel about a dog named Enzo (who’s impossible not to love) is heart wrenching and powerful while remaining down-to-earth (just like Enzo) accessible. If you’ve ever loved a dog and had that true connection with one, expect to be moved with laughter and tears. And if you happen to also […] Read more »

Monsieur Cadichon

Monsieur Cadichon – Memoirs of a Donkey. Countess de Ségur. For a book written more than 150 years ago, Monsieur Cadichon – Memoirs of a Donkey is still remarkably relevant today.Of course, the language is different and some of the terms aren’t exactly what we would nowadays term PC but, the moral lessons to be taught to the next generation, told through Cadichon the donkey are as relevant as ever. These memoirs were written by the Countess de Ségur in France in 1860, the same author that wrote the Fleurville Trilogy. Cadichon is a cheeky, lively (some may say, naughty) […] Read more »

Delightful children’s book

This delightful children’s book Thank you for looking after our pets is packed full of animal characters, not commonly associated as the household variety, which is one of the reasons this book is so appealing to kids! There’s Cuddles the Crocodile, elephants Elsie and Edna (who like snoozing on the couch), Spock the Snake and Ringo with Rhino just to name a few. With colourful pages and illustrations, this is a great introduction to the wonderful world of animals. (And the ‘roar’ page never fails to evoke a response!) Gorgeous.   Read more »

Dry Water

If you love animals and Africa then this book by Tammie Matson is an absolute must read. At 15, Tammie went to Zimbabwe with her father and it changed her life. Dry Water tells of Tammie’s exploits and adventures in Africa for 12 years while she worked in the safari industry, volunteered on wildlife projects and eventually undertook her PhD on the endangered Black-faced Impala of Namibia in Etosha National Park. As well as caring for and observing animals, Tammie braved the language barrier, poachers, witchdoctors, the male-dominated society, being held at gunpoint, and the physical hardships to create a […] Read more »

Promise of the Wolves

Promise of the Wolves is a creative, thought-provoking novel about wolf life, human–animal relationships and the balance of nature. Set 14,000 years ago, it creates a world in which wolves can speak with humans and other animals, time is counted in phases of the moon, distance is measured in wolflengths and honour to the pack is paramount. This is a coming of age story as young wolf pup Kaala fights to survive and seeks truth to fulfil her destiny in a mythical world of Greatwolves, Ancients and spirits. Promise of the Wolves is told by Kaala and immediately you are […] Read more »

Giant George

Giant George is one popular dog. The World’s Tallest Dog EVER, George – standing at nearly five feet and 111 kilograms – has more than 75,000 Facebook likes, his own website and is even on Twitter, although how he manages to text with those big paws, I have no idea! There’s also Giant George the book, which if you’re a dog lover is a great read. I wasn’t so sure, however, at the start of the book when Dave Nasser, author and ‘dad’ of George began talking about the cost of George. There was, however, little to worry about as […] Read more »

For the cat lovers

Here’s a little something different for you cat lovers. Eat, Spray, Love is the perfect take on the popular film and described as ‘one cat’s guide to self-discovery without leaving home’. The author, Blossom the cat, is not only talented with a keyboard (obviously), she has some pearls of wisdom to share like “Even – especially – if you’re single, look after yourself and keep your claws sharp. That’s what the couch is there for”. And “Learn the art of the ‘subtle nag’. Wait patiently until your flatmate’s nearly finished their meal and then stare suggestively at the plate until […] Read more »

Bindi’s books

Kids go mad for her, so if Bindi Irwin’s new series of books sell like the Harry Potter series, then kids will be spruiking animals and their welfare as they did wizards and their magic. (And wouldn’t that be magic!) Without having read the first book of the series, released today (June 1)  or without the opinion (to date) of a child, we couldn’t bring you much about them, so instead, a few things the publishers, Random House, wanted to share. Firstly, Bindi is the co-creator not the writer; she chose the story lines and animals and checked the animal facts (and with her already quite remarkable knowledge, kids […] Read more »

A Lion called Christian

If you loved the YouTube video (see Animal TV) of the reunion of a lion with two of his former owners, then this book is a must read. A Lion called Christian is the story behind an unusual and lasting friendship. It’s testimony to the power of acceptance, understanding, respect and compassion. Australians Ace Bourke and John Rendall bought a lion from the department store Harrods (yes, Harrods!) in December 1969. By 1970, Christian was in Africa – the first London lion to be rehabilitated to the wild. In the video, do you remember seeing a man in shorts with […] Read more »

Little Black Dog

Little Black Dog Publications is dedicated to telling stories that amaze, inspire and encourage; to finding and interpreting research and to publishing photos that communicate, motivate and make you feel something. They’re committed to quality writing and editing, attention-to-detail and a well-crafted final product. Little Black Dog Publications produces publications in accordance to its passions and those of its clients – including limited-edition publications and materials for a range of industries including construction, architecture, sports, photography and travel. It was the company behind Adore Animals magazine and coffee-table book Moments of Connection. Their holistic writing and editing services have included […] Read more »