Dry Water

If you love animals and Africa then this book Dry Water by Tammie Matson is an absolute must read. At 15, Tammie went to Zimbabwe with her father and it changed her life.

Dry Water tells of Tammie’s exploits and adventures in Africa for 12 years while she worked in the safari industry, volunteered on wildlife projects and eventually undertook her PhD on the endangered Black-faced Impala of Namibia in Etosha National Park.

As well as caring for and observing animals, Tammie braved the language barrier, poachers, witchdoctors, the male-dominated society, being held at gunpoint, and the physical hardships to create a life for herself.

Her achievements include developing management plans for the critically endangered Black Rhino and the Black-faced Impala, working as an environmental consultant across Namibia and developing a project to reduce human-elephant conflicts at the request of the Chief of the Bushmen.

This is Tammie’s remarkable and inspiring story.

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