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Kids go mad for her, so if Bindi Irwin’s new series of books sell like the Harry Potter series, then kids will be spruiking animals and their welfare as they did wizards and their magic. (And wouldn’t that be magic!)

Without having read the first book of the series, released today (June 1)  or without the opinion (to date) of a child, we couldn’t bring you much about them, so instead, a few things the publishers, Random House, wanted to share.

Firstly, Bindi is the co-creator not the writer; she chose the story lines and animals and checked the animal facts (and with her already quite remarkable knowledge, kids should be getting the right information). Secondly, Bindi’s dream for animal conservation in the future:  ‘I hope that one day people will stop buying wildlife products, because when the buying stops the killing can too.’

Well she’s definately got the logic right … and if there are any kids’ opinions (or adults!) out there about the books, share with with us here 

Bindi Irwin’s Wildlife Adventure book series is out today.  Here are a few Bindi Q & As:

What do you hope kids will get out of these books?
I hope that kids will feel empowered to be the hero of their own story and want to make a difference in our world. I also think that reading is important and fun, so I hope that kids will want to read more because it opens up whole new worlds.

What’s your favourite story from within the books?
My favourite story within the series is the book Camouflage. It is a very action-packed and fun story so you will not be able to put it down. It is about Robert and me trying to find a Komodo Dragon that has disappeared from its enclosure.

What’s your favourite animal?
I love crocodiles and snakes, but my favourite animal is the echidna. I love them because they are monotremes, which means they are egg-laying mammals. Did you know there are only two monotremes in the world? One is the echidna and the other is the platypus.

Some of your other favourite books?
I love the book The White Giraffe by Lauren St John. It is a beautiful tale set in Africa. I like the book Juliet Dove Queen of Love by Bruce Coville, too.

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