Giant George

Giant George is one popular dog. The World’s Tallest Dog EVER, George – standing at nearly five feet and 111 kilograms – has more than 75,000 Facebook likes, his own website and is even on Twitter, although how he manages to text with those big paws, I have no idea!

There’s also Giant George the book, which if you’re a dog lover is a great read. I wasn’t so sure, however, at the start of the book when Dave Nasser, author and ‘dad’ of George began talking about the cost of George. There was, however, little to worry about as I settled into reading. Although George is a world star, as Dave and his wife Christie say, in their eyes, he’s just Georgie.

Giant George tells the story of this loveable dog and how he came to take the title for the Guinness World Record for the Tallest Dog in the World and the Tallest Dog Ever. It’s also the story of the trials and tribulations of dog ownership as well as the heady days of fame – particularly when Team Oprah get on board. (Yes, Oprah!)

It’s surprisingly personal and funny, with a laugh out loud moment about George’s ‘lipstick’ – owners of male dogs will definitely relate!

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