For the cat lovers

Here’s a little something different for you cat lovers.

Eat, Spray, Love is the perfect take on the popular film and described as ‘one cat’s guide to self-discovery without leaving home’.

The author, Blossom the cat, is not only talented with a keyboard (obviously), she has some pearls of wisdom to share like “Even – especially – if you’re single, look after yourself and keep your claws sharp. That’s what the couch is there for”.

And “Learn the art of the ‘subtle nag’. Wait patiently until your flatmate’s nearly finished their meal and then stare suggestively at the plate until they think it’s their idea to share”.

There’s no doubt Blossom has shared her wisdom with dogs. Especially ones around this office.

Eat, Spray, Love is published by Random House and available at book stores – isn’t it nice when a publisher has a sense of humour!

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