About Us

Adore Animals is a volunteer, not-for-profit website which aims to inform and educate about animal issues and inspire positive solutions for change through information.

Adore Animals promotes a culture that protects, respects and cares for all animals.

We encourage animal organisations, corporates and communities to work together to find suitable strategies to help animals in need, while fostering positive relationships between humans and animals across all ages and specific needs groups.

What We Value

• the worth of positive relationships between humans and animals
• environmental protection of wild animal habitats
• the diversity and wonder of the animal kingdom (a reverence for all animals)
• a culture that protects, respects and cares for all animals
• responsible pet ownership
• compassion in the way we deal with human and non-human animals


In 2005, LittleBlackDogPublications launched Adore Animals magazine. In researching and then building the magazine, LittleBlackDogPublications explored the animal industry and its many and varied needs, built strong relationships with non-profit organisations, other media, advertisers, communities and readers. Working with these organisations, the company saw a way to help. So, in 2007, CEO of Little Black Dog Publications and Adore Animals editor, Lisa Louden, founded the independent and not-for-profit Adore Animals Foundation.

The Adore Animals Foundation ran for five years under the expertise of a Managing Director and a Board of Directors (all volunteers) who came from various fields, but had one goal in common – to help animals. In five years, we’re proud of what we were able to achieve and the projects we completed, including Animal Disaster Recovery and Black Saturday Projects – Project Bushfire Readiness and Leadbeater’s Possum Project.

In 2012, with no external funding – except that which the Foundation raised themselves to complete projects – 100% reliance on volunteers to get things done, the rising cost of insurance and compliance (and the increasing time required to comply), we decided it was time to say goodbye to the Foundation.

The good news is, due to ongoing support, as a group of animal devotees we’ve decided to stick around to keep providing information and education about animals, with the aim of inspiring positive solutions for the benefit of animals and fostering positive relationships between humans and animals.

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