Help save abandoned rabbits

Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage helps care for abandoned, abused and neglected rabbits. It’s a tough gig saving rabbits so we are lending a hand, or books, to be exact.

From now until the end of October, you can help Rabbit Runaway Orphanage with the purchase of our book Moments of Connection.

This will be our LAST project for Moments of Connection (view our other projects here) and we want to raise $6,000 to help them build a special rabbit run which is very much overdue and well and truly needed.

The aims of the non-profit Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage are:

  • To provide for rabbits that are sick, unwanted, stray, or have been mistreated
  • To facilitate approprate short-term care, medical and rehabilitation treament and long-term rehoming solutions
  • To educate the public on rabbit ownership and care
  • To prevent unnecessary euthanasia of rabbits
  • To discourage cruelty to rabbits.

There is a huge need for Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage as bunny orphans are often sent there as overflows from animal shelters such as AAPS, Lort Smith, Animal Aid, council shelters and private rescues and shelters throughout the state. Bunnies also come to the orphanage as dumped or neglected rabbits handed into vets or rescued through the orphanage’s rescue service.

This is the last of our books, so get in quick and help this wonderful organisation keep hopping strong. Three books for the price of two offer.

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