A Lion called Christian

If you loved the YouTube video (see Animal TV) of the reunion of a lion with two of his former owners, then this book is a must read. A Lion called Christian is the story behind an unusual and lasting friendship. It’s testimony to the power of acceptance, understanding, respect and compassion. Australians Ace Bourke and John Rendall bought a lion from the department store Harrods (yes, Harrods!) in December 1969. By 1970, Christian was in Africa – the first London lion to be rehabilitated to the wild. In the video, do you remember seeing a man in shorts with a stick? Remember Born Free? You’ll read how this book and movie helped play a part in Christian’s remarkable journey, and you’ll find out who this extraordinary man is. This is an amazing story and not just for its unusual relationships, but also for details about the era … an era where wild animals could be bought or traded and kept in London without too many questions. An era where a lion could be seen in an antique furniture store near the fashionable Chelsea district, riding in a car, walking on a leash or playing ball in a Moravian garden. Originally published in 1971, A Lion called Christian has been fully revised and updated and is complete with astonishing photographs.

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A Lion Called Christian
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  2. […] also written a review of the book by John Rendall and Ace […]

  3. […] also written a review of the book by John Rendall and Ace […]

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