National Dog Day

Calling all four-legged mutts; we want to celebrate you and the amazing contribution you make to our lives! It’s National Dog Day on 26 August and dog-damn it, it’s time to say thanks! Dogs deserve it for many reasons. They make wonderful companion animals, offering their humans unconditional love and many benefits to their physical and mental health. National Dog Day celebrates all breeds, pure and mixed, and recognises the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year from public shelters, rescues and pure breed rescues. This special day also honours family dogs and service dogs that work […] Read more »

Rasputin’s long horns

Rasputin, a goat from Lienz, Tirol in Austria has earned himself a place in the Guinness World Records 2017 all thanks to his extra-long horns! Nine-year old, Rasputin has a horn spread that measures 135.2 cm (53.23 in) and beats the previous record of 132 cm set in 2004 by Uncle Sam from the USA. Owner Martin Pirker bought Rasputin, a black-necked goat, four years ago and says the goat’s horns hadn’t always been exceptionally long and have grown significantly over the last few years. His left horn measures at 112cm and his right at 111cm, tip to tip is […] Read more »

Leaping Llamas, it’s Caspa

Caspa the llama has jumped himself into the Guinness World Records becoming the first llama to be awarded a high jump title! Nine-year-old Caspa, from Porthmadog, Wales, cleared a high jump bar of 1.13 m (3 ft 8.5 in) beating the minimum requirement of one metre to become the first Llama to be awarded this record title. Owner Sue Williams says her and Caspa have come a long way since Caspa joined her seven years ago. Then, Caspa used to kick and spit, but Sue as discovered this wasn’t because he was nasty, he was just misunderstood. Now, through positive […] Read more »

Lizzie, the world’s tallest female

Eight-year-old Great Dane, Lizzie, is now officially the tallest female dog living according to the Guinness World Records 2017. From Alva, Florida, gentle giant Lizzie measures a whopping 96.41 cm (37.96 in) tall and weighs 73 kg (160 lbs)! She’s lived with her owner, Greg Sample since she was just eight weeks old. According to Greg, Lizzy has always been exceptionally tall. ‘She’s so large, she outgrew three crate sizes, and has to eat her food from a bowl perched atop a chair for height. Her water bowl however, is in the garage because she’s so sloppy that the water […] Read more »

NSW bans greyhound racing

Overwhelming evidence of systemic animal cruelty, including mass greyhound killings and live baiting has prompted the New South Wales government to become the first Australian state to shut down greyhound racing from July 2017. Premier Mike Baird and Deputy Premier and Minister for Racing Troy Grant announced that the New South Wales Government is acting to protect animal welfare as a priority. For years, the ban is what animal welfare groups including Animals Australia and greyhound rescue organisations have been fighting for. Mr Baird and Mr Grant released the report of the Special Commission of Inquiry into the Greyhound Racing […] Read more »

A picture speaks a thousand words

Ever wonder about the story behind that beautiful, and now iconic, photo of a homeless man with his German Shepherd? Here we gratefully republish an article to follow our Helping the Homeless article from The Campbell Centre for the study of Animal Welfare (CCSAW) at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada with their permission… In Issue 21 of CCSAW News, our cover story “Comfort at a Cost?” describes the work of Dr. Jason Coe, Assistant Professor in OVC’s Department of Population Medicine, who is studying the relationships and welfare of homeless youth and their pets. The article features an incredibly […] Read more »

Helping the homeless

Increasing awareness of the roles companion animals play in the lives of the homeless is resulting in more volunteer services to help and care for these pets on the street. With this support, comes new hope and a raft of benefits for carers and pets alike. Many homeless people living with pets are forced to choose between a shelter for a night or staying on the street with their pet. For those of us who’ve ever had a bond with an animal, it’s easy to understand why they often choose the latter. As well as health and wellbeing benefits, for […] Read more »

A free app to help buy sustainable Palm Oil

Palm oil. It has more than 200 other names, is found in half of all packaged supermarket items, is cheap and demand for it is decimating endangered animal populations in South East Asia, including the orangutan. Thanks to a free app, making a difference to palm oil consumption just got easier. Unless a change is made in the rate of deforestation, The Orangutan Project estimate that extinction in the wild is likely in the next 10 years for Sumatran Orangutans and soon after for Bornean Orangutans. It’s a sobering thought. As consumers of palm oil, one significant way we can […] Read more »

No cause for celebration

By Amy Motherwell For a long while now, it’s been accepted as tradition to use balloons for various occasions. Seen as a seemingly harmless vessel of sentiment and celebration, it’s what these balloons are made of and where they end up that makes them bad news for animals. A balloon can travel many kilometres before it reaches a height at which it bursts into fragments and returns to earth as litter. These balloon fragments are easily mistaken for food by many species of wildlife, both on land and at sea, and when ingested can block the digestive tract of the […] Read more »

This horrific practice needs to end

If you watched Four Corners on Monday night, you would have witnessed the despicable practice of live baiting in the greyhound industry.Video evidence collected by animal welfare groups has shown more than 70 trainers and their staff to be involved in this illegal practice of live baiting. Animals Australia and the indomitable Lyn White have exposed once again a horrific practice, and working closely with Animal Liberation Queensland, have shown how two operatives on a shoestring budget can do more to investigate this illegal and immoral practice than the cashed-up internal greyhound system which has failed. In a high-risk operation, […] Read more »