This horrific practice needs to end

Live baiting

If you watched Four Corners on Monday night, you would have witnessed the despicable practice of live baiting in the greyhound industry.Video evidence collected by animal welfare groups has shown more than 70 trainers and their staff to be involved in this illegal practice of live baiting. Animals Australia and the indomitable Lyn White have exposed once again a horrific practice, and working closely with Animal Liberation Queensland, have shown how two operatives on a shoestring budget can do more to investigate this illegal and immoral practice than the cashed-up internal greyhound system which has failed. In a high-risk operation, […] Read more »

The real life of a dairy cow

painted cow

Many people believe dairy cows live idyllic lives, naturally producing enough milk to feed their young and provide for human consumption. In reality, the dairy cow is subject to a perpetual cycle of calving, milking and impregnation. She has been bred to produce double the milk she could have thirty years ago, and to ensure her yield remains at its peak, she is forcibly impregnated every 13 months to produce a calf who is immediately taken away from her. These factors all impact negatively on her welfare but remain mostly hidden from the view of consumers. The Life of the […] Read more »

Halloween for pets

Halloween puppy

While Halloween can be fun for children and adults, veterinarians warn that Halloween for pets can be a different story. Pets can see Halloween as a stressful time of costume parties, endless doorbell ringing, loud and scary noises in the night and strangers coming and going from the home. Sadly, animals – black cats in particular – are also often terrorised, injured and even killed at this time of year, according to Dr Shayne Thomas, emergency veterinarian at Sydney’s Animal Referral Hospital. “During Halloween, we often see pets suffering from injuries, accidents and poisoning. Often councils have fireworks, which result […] Read more »

Australia’s most trusted charity

Jo Weir & Wiley

For the second year running, Guide Dogs has been voted Australia’s Most Trusted Charity in the annual Australian READER’s DIGEST Most Trusted Brand poll. Based on a survey of 2,400 respondents nationally, Guide Dogs was recognised for its industry-leading services, including providing guide dogs to Australians who are blind or vision impaired for over 60 years. Dr Graeme White, CEO of Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, thanked the public for their ongoing support and trust. “We’re humbled by and grateful for this level of public recognition in our vital work, which enables Australians who are blind or vision impaired to be more […] Read more »

Humans are animals too

WRINKLES pozible

I know it’s off topic for an animal site, but humans are animals too! I’ve been running Adore Animals as a volunteer for nearly a decade now, as well as for five years being Managing Director of Adore Animals Foundation, also volunteer. I’ve always tried to do as much as I can to help those without a voice. Well this is another project I’ve been working on – one which needs your help! Populations all over the Western world are experiencing higher numbers of people with chronic pain and this is a book to let them know they’re not alone. […] Read more »

Vets camp for kids

Alec at Future Vet Kids Camp

While many 11-year-olds spend their free time playing digital games, Alec Campbell is caring for newborn kittens at home as part of a foster program with the Animal Welfare League NSW. In fact, the Kingswood Year 5 student was there for the birth, helping feline mum Ellie through one of nature’s most remarkable moments. Alec – an aspiring veterinarian who loves snakes – learned about kitten birthing, how to help and when there might be a problem when attending the Future Vet Kids Camp in Sydney during the summer holidays in January.  ‘Kittens communicate with their mum by scent, smell […] Read more »

Dog Lovers Show

Shaking dog

There are bargains galore to be had if you’re heading to the Dog Lovers Show this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton. Aussie Dog’s stand at 412 (ground level) will be offering our book Moments of Connection as a gift with purchases of $60 and over at their stand for the entire weekend – unbelievable value! Aussie Dog products are quality toys for animals including dogs, horses and even zoo animals. They’re Australian owned and run and stand by their products with impressive guarantees – check out the one for Staffy toys – all at […] Read more »

Whale victory will be monitored

whale breaching

Marine wildlife supporters are today celebrating the long-awaited decision to ban the Japanese government from killing whales in the name of research, but the fight isn’t over says a leading environmental activist organisation. A United Nations court has ruled that the Japanese government’s ‘scientific whaling’ is illegal and that the Japanese must stop its killing of whales in the Antarctic. It’s thought that approximately 3,600 minke whales were killed under this ‘research’ anomaly. Among other organisations, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been fighting whaling for more than a decade. Sea Shepherd founder, Paul Watson, says they welcome the ruling […] Read more »

A second home – adopting from shelters

Lost Dogs' Home 16

Each year in Australian shelters it’s estimated well over a hundred thousand animals are euthanased, the majority of them cats and dogs. The single most positive influence people can have on reducing the number of killings each year is to be responsible pet owners. The other is to adopt from shelters. Although adopting from shelters is not for every situation or every person, as Karen Graham discovers, apart from the ‘feel good’ factor of saving a life, adoption from shelters can be successful, positive and rewarding.  Michelle Williamson was volunteering for a shelter and working for an IT company when […] Read more »

ACT sets welfare precendent

Free range chooks 2

The ACT has taken a significant step forward in the animal protection movement with the passing of the Animal Welfare (Factory Farming) Amendment Bill this week. Demonstrating leadership in farm animal welfare, the ACT Government has effectively banned the use of some of farming’s cruellest practices – the use of battery cages, sow stalls, debeaking and farrowing crates. In so doing, the ACT has joined other nations, including the United Kingdom and Sweden, and other domestic jurisdictions including seven US states, taking steps to outlaw the cruel methods used in factory farming. While there are currently no factory farm piggeries […] Read more »