Whale victory will be monitored

whale breaching

Marine wildlife supporters are today celebrating the long-awaited decision to ban the Japanese government from killing whales in the name of research, but the fight isn’t over says a leading environmental activist organisation. A United Nations court has ruled that the Japanese government’s ‘scientific whaling’ is illegal and that the Japanese must stop its killing of whales in the Antarctic. It’s thought that approximately 3,600 minke whales were killed under this ‘research’ anomaly. Among other organisations, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been fighting whaling for more than a decade. Sea Shepherd founder, Paul Watson, says they welcome the ruling [...] Read more »

A second home – adopting from shelters

Lost Dogs' Home 16

Each year in Australian shelters it’s estimated well over a hundred thousand animals are euthanased, the majority of them cats and dogs. The single most positive influence people can have on reducing the number of killings each year is to be responsible pet owners. The other is to adopt from shelters. Although adopting from shelters is not for every situation or every person, as Karen Graham discovers, apart from the ‘feel good’ factor of saving a life, adoption from shelters can be successful, positive and rewarding.  Michelle Williamson was volunteering for a shelter and working for an IT company when [...] Read more »

ACT sets welfare precendent

Free range chooks 2

The ACT has taken a significant step forward in the animal protection movement with the passing of the Animal Welfare (Factory Farming) Amendment Bill this week. Demonstrating leadership in farm animal welfare, the ACT Government has effectively banned the use of some of farming’s cruellest practices – the use of battery cages, sow stalls, debeaking and farrowing crates. In so doing, the ACT has joined other nations, including the United Kingdom and Sweden, and other domestic jurisdictions including seven US states, taking steps to outlaw the cruel methods used in factory farming. While there are currently no factory farm piggeries [...] Read more »

No win for vulnerable koala

S_Plummer_Deborah_Tabart 4

The Australian Koala Foundation’s (AKF) top executive has launched a stinging attack on the Federal Department of the Environment for what she says will fail to protect the vulnerable koala. AKF’s Chief Executive Officer, Deborah Tabart OAM, condemns the draft Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act referral guidelines for the vulnerable Koala, stating that the document is ‘shocking’. The AKF has lodged a submission condemning the draft. ‘The guidelines will not even stop koala declines, let alone help increase koala numbers. The document is just shocking; the author appears to have little or no knowledge of how koalas move across [...] Read more »

Tag’d with technology


If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of losing a dog or cat – desperately searching the streets while you wait for the shelters and/or council to reopen – then a new device using the latest in technology may be able to help. Eliminating the need for a trip to the vet, shelter or council to have a microchip read, Tag’d digital pet tags use NFC (Near Field Communication) technology which can be swiped with a mobile phone to display an owner’s contact number. The first of its kind for this application in Australia, the technology works by tapping a [...] Read more »

Kill or No Kill shelters: how you can help

Lost Dogs' Home 10

After seeing PETA’s shocking support of shelters that kill due to overpopulation of orphaned pets, one can only ask why? How can PETA possibly justify that choice? Is it enough to say that the cruelty of keeping them alive outweighs that of taking their lives? Let’s look at both sides of the argument and how we can help solve the problem no matter which side of the fence you take. PETA’s defense lies in arguing that life in a shelter, caged up for years does far worse to an animal than the quick injection, based on stories of animals going [...] Read more »

Stop the shark massacre


In less than 48 hours, a misguided new policy is set to begin off the coast of Western Australia that will see sharks hunted and killed. Despite more than 100 leading scientists opposing the new ‘catch and kill’ policy and protests from community groups and individuals, the policy is set to start on Friday. The ‘new shark plan’ by the Western Australian Government will see large sharks removed from designated ‘save areas’ and then killed, including nationally protected (and threatened) Great White Sharks, in a bid to prevent human injuries and deaths caused by shark attacks. The ludicrousness of this [...] Read more »

Christmas shopping? Give ‘em the bird!

Christmas penguins 2013 HR

Can’t bear to face the Christmas shopping crowds, the assault of carols at every turn or the saccharine smiles of service staff who haven’t seen daylight in days? The solution is simple – give ‘em the bird! Adopt-a-penguin for your friends, family and that hard-to-buy-for cousin and you’ll not only avoid a case of ‘silly seasonitis’, but all proceeds go to the Penguin Foundation and penguin conservation, research and wildlife rescue on Phillip Island. Give ‘em the bird and there’ll be no need to suffer through Jingle Bells at the shopping centre at 1am while you fight for the last [...] Read more »

Last chance to support human-animal research


Our offer helping the Australian Anthrozoology Research Foundation (AARF) with the purchase of Moments of Connection ends this Friday October 25. Here at Adore Animals, we fully support the amazing work done through the AARF. We’ve long known the benefits that animals have on humans, that’s why we published a coffee table book on the benefits that animals have on children. The book is called Moments of Connection – check out the video of the book here and testimonials here. It’s the perfect synergy to help the AARF by the sale of this book, that’s why we’ve teamed up with [...] Read more »

Egg Victory

no more caged eggs

Animal protection organisation Animals Australia has announced that Woolworths has become the first Australian supermarket to commit to a phase out of ALL cage eggs by 2018. According to their report, the supermarket giant is responding to growing consumer demand to address animal welfare. As part of the overhaul, caged eggs will also no longer be an ingredient of any home-brand product. In 2009, caged eggs accounted for 70 per cent of egg sales at Woolworths. Now, caged eggs account for 50 per cent of eggs sold and the 12 caged egg suppliers to Woolworths will have time to shift [...] Read more »