This horrific practice needs to end

If you watched Four Corners on Monday night, you would have witnessed the despicable practice of live baiting in the greyhound industry.Video evidence collected by animal welfare groups has shown more than 70 trainers and their staff to be involved in this illegal practice of live baiting.

Animals Australia and the indomitable Lyn White have exposed once again a horrific practice, and working closely with Animal Liberation Queensland, have shown how two operatives on a shoestring budget can do more to investigate this illegal and immoral practice than the cashed-up internal greyhound system which has failed.

In a high-risk operation, surveillance cameras were used to obtain irrefutable evidence to prove that illegal live baiting did in fact exist, despite denials from all across the industry. In the shocking video evidence, live animals including piglets, rabbits and possums were tied to lures and flung around racetracks – terrified and fighting for life – to be then mauled to death or ripped apart by the greyhounds.

The industry and the people involved must be held to account. Please sign this petition by Animals Australia to end this cruelty. Visit here to sign right now.

Once again Four Corners has also shown its commitment to stories that are important. To watch the full program (a warning, it is graphic), click here.

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  1. I’ve just signed from the UK. Just saw the documentary. To be honest I’m still shocked and deeply disturbed by what I’ve witnessed. Please: does anyone know if these people have been brought to justice? It’s terrible. After the rabbit scenes I was in tears and physically sick. It was heartbreaking

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