The real life of a dairy cow

Many people believe dairy cows live idyllic lives, naturally producing enough milk to feed their young and provide for human consumption.

In reality, the dairy cow is subject to a perpetual cycle of calving, milking and impregnation. She has been bred to produce double the milk she could have thirty years ago, and to ensure her yield remains at its peak, she is forcibly impregnated every 13 months to produce a calf who is immediately taken away from her.

These factors all impact negatively on her welfare but remain mostly hidden from the view of consumers.

The Life of the Dairy Cow is the most comprehensive consumer focused report into the welfare of Australian dairy cows. This report, written by Voiceless with the help of contributing author Dr Deidre Wicks, contains recommendations for legislators, industry and consumers while lifting the veil on the silent suffering of the Australian dairy cow.

To read the report go to Voiceless now and download.

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