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Puppy Size

We receive bundles of emails, inspirations and information about animals everyday. Some break your heart and others lift you. We don’t often post them, but this one is so simple and lovely, we thought we’d share it with you. It’s about a little girl visiting a shelter looking for a new four-legged friend. ‘Danielle keeps repeating […]

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Rehoming Luca & Bambi

This story came from a PetRescue member, an organisation called CatsNDogs. It’s such a great story so we wanted to share it. Luca & Bambi are a pair of Italian Greyhounds whose owner passed away. Her son took on the two dogs but already having three dogs of his own he was unable to accommodate them and

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Socialisation is key

The number of dogs being put up for rehoming could be significantly reduced if owners paid greater attention to ongoing socialisation from an early age, says a leading animal behaviourist. According to Dr Kersti Seksel, a veterinary specialist in behavioural medicine, the number one reason owners surrender their dogs to shelters and pounds can be attributed to

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Dog Wash Day Out

We’ve been so busy lately, we forgot to report on our adventures at the World’s Greatest Dog Wash which raised nearly $14,000 for the Lort Smith Animal Hospital. Hosted by our very own Managing Director Lisa Louden, the World’s Greatest Dog Wash – created by the wonderful team at Neo Tokyo – enabled Lort Smith to

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World’s Biggest Dog Wash

Mark it in your calendar; here’s a dog wash day with a difference! On Sunday 17 October, we’re teaming up with Animal Lover’s by Neo Tokyo and the Lort Smith Animal Hospital for the World’s Biggest Dog Wash. We’re aiming to raise $35,000 to purchase a much-needed Ultrasound machine for the Lort Smith Animal Hospital. The Adore Animals Foundation’s Managing

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Oscar’s Law Support Rally

Hundreds of people and their dogs gathered on the steps of Parliament House today in Melbourne to raise awareness to end the factory farming of dogs. As guest speaker Derryn Hinch says ignorance is no longer an excuse for this cruel practice to continue. Oscar’s Law, which will change the way animals are kept, bred and sold, is supported

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Passion through the lens

When photographer Anita Norris sent us a card to thank us, little did she know where it would lead. Anita has always been passionate about animals. ‘I love trying to capture their spirit and essence through my photography,’ she says. ‘I love photographing all wildlife, birds, animals and particularly horses. I feel their eyes and

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The reality of dog rehoming

The common term used by a person with a dog to describe themselves used to be ‘dog owner’. Then it became ‘dog carer’ and ‘dog guardian’ and there’re a few new terms now floating around. Some of these new terms are actually better as, after all, ‘owner’ is not always representative of the relationship we

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Dogs in Cars

If you don’t restrain your dog while driving, then give this some thought – in a car accident, the force of a dog hitting you, another passenger or another object is many times the force of gravity. So the faster you drive, the greater the impact in a crash and the greater the force with

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