Oscar’s Law Support Rally

Hundreds of people and their dogs gathered on the steps of Parliament House today in Melbourne to raise awareness to end the factory farming of dogs. As guest speaker Derryn Hinch says ignorance is no longer an excuse for this cruel practice to continue.

Oscar’s Law, which will change the way animals are kept, bred and sold, is supported by thousands of people across Australia and no more was this on display than this morning in Melbourne city. As readers of this website will know with our Dog Rehoming Project, we’re particularly passionate about helping shelter animals. We feel strongly that the destruction of more than 250,000 perfectly healthy animals a year in Australia is unacceptable. It’s inhuman, needless and it must stop. We feel equally as strong about the major contributor to this destruction, the factory farming of dogs.

Puppy farms are big business. They generate about $4 billion yearly and they do it with complete disregard to the very ones who provide them their industry. Puppy farms are the hidden industry behind the pet shop window and if you don’t know what we’re talking about then please, go to this website on Oscar’s Law and read about what people are doing to man’s best friend. The video is confronting and if you’re an animal lover, most likely will bring you to tears. But tears will not help, these dogs need action and they need it now.

Today’s rally was against factory farming of dogs and in support of Oscar’s Law. So who’s Oscar and what’s this law all about? Oscar was rescued from a puppy farm in central Victoria and along with his fellow dogs, had been so neglected he needed urgent veterinary attention. Oscar was suffering from severe grass seed abscesses, extreme matting, infected ears and gums, malnutrition and dental disease. He was grossly underweight.

After being rescued and treated, Oscar was returned to the puppy farm days later by authorities where sadly, he remains today. The owners have never been charged with cruelty. And if you’re wondering if there’s a code of conduct for puppy farms, there is. But it doesn’t do enough and is barely enforced. Today’s organiser, Debra Tranter from Animal Liberation Victoria says in eighteen years in the industry she’s never seen one that abides with the code of practice.

Oscar’s Law Campaign is in memory of all the ‘Oscars’ hidden away on factory farms treated as breeding machines to supply the pet industry. Oscar’s Law centres on three main goals:

  1. Abolish the factory farming of dogs
  2. Ban the sale of animals from pet shops and online retailers
  3. Insist the Government run a proper campaign on responsible animal care.


So how do you help Oscar’s Law come into effect? Well there are many ways, and here’s the first one that can be done right now from your computer.

Secondly, support shelters and dog rehoming centres that support responsible dog ownership and adoption.

Thirdly, do not buy a pet from a pet store. We would say there’s one exception to this action – Lort Smith Animal Hospital and Monika’s Rescue both have adoption points in selected Petbarn pet stores which we fully support. This is a responsible and community-minded approach to fighting a growing problem through education and rehoming.

Fourthly, make your voice heard. Let people know that it’s not okay to buy factory farmed animals.

Fifthly, education your children so they can grow up knowing that factory farming is not right – like the adorable and passionate Oscar’s Law supporter above – and that our four-legged friends deserve much, much better.

4 thoughts on “Oscar’s Law Support Rally”

  1. Hi Lisa
    I hope you are all well..thanks so much for putting this web-orial up on your site, and every bit of exposure helps

    Did you see Chris Brown’s segment on the 7pm project last night? I see he is a Sponsor of yours? I have come in to help with Media/Marketing etc. Very exciting that Phil Wollen has donated an office space at Kindness House and $10,000 to Oscar’s Law

    Keep in touch

  2. Hi Jenny

    As you know from all our discussions about animal welfare, this is something we wholeheartedly support and must be enforced.
    Congratulations to lending your support to such a worthwhile cause.

    Yes, Bondi Vet is a supporter of our book Moments of Connection and Chris Brown does a great job educating and caring for animals.

    Great news from Phil at Kindness House, Oscar’s Law another of the many worthwhile projects he supports.

    Keep up the great work Jenny


    PS For those of you who may not know Jenny, you’ve probably heard of her brilliant range for dogs, YapWear

  3. My neice organised for our famliy to attend yesterdays rally on the steps of parliment. It was the first i’d heard of Oscars Law and will remain with me always. Its so sad to think that in this day and age, people profit from such treatment of dogs. I feel we, as a community, should all aknowledge the plight of these poor animals and stand as one to eliminate this practice.
    Thanks to my neice, Gemma, I will do all that I can to bring this subject to the attention of as many as I can and hopefully bring a stop to this process.

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