Passion through the lens

When photographer Anita Norris sent us a card to thank us, little did she know where it would lead.

Anita has always been passionate about animals. ‘I love trying to capture their spirit and essence through my photography,’ she says. ‘I love photographing all wildlife, birds, animals and particularly horses. I feel their eyes and expressions are incredible as you can understand what they are thinking and feeling.’

It’s this type of passion that shone through on the individually-made photo card Anita sent the Foundation’s Managing Director, Lisa Louden. ‘Opening the card and feeling the power of the photo was amazing. In fact, I still have it on my desk,’ says Lisa.

Instantly, she knew Anita’s cards would be perfect to represent the Adore Animals Foundation. And luckily, Anita felt the same way; what the Foundation stands for is important to Anita, who also understands the bonds and appreciation of holidaying with animals.

‘I’m happiest when I’m out with animals and my camera. A safari to South Africa in 2008 changed my life when I realised being amongst animals and portraying their character through photographs was what I most wanted to achieve,’ says Anita.

‘I will travel anywhere to photograph all varieties of animals and last year was fortunate to visit the mountain gorillas in Uganda, an incredible experience. This year I’m excited to again visit South Africa and also the USA to photograph a variety of wildlife in the national parks and also wild mustangs in Montana and Wyoming.’

And if her photos are anything like our current five card series, then we may be adding a few more series in the future! Each series of   ‘Adore & Nurture’, ‘Australian Endangered’, ‘Birds’, ‘Friendship’ and ‘Fun’  has four individually-made photo cards.
View Anita’s cards.

Another shared passion we have with Anita is our mutual desire to help the victims of the Black Saturday bushfires. Anita knows all too well the devastation of Black Saturday, as home is in Arthurs Creek. She started helping straight away. After weeks of intense hands-on volunteering, she was asked to be a major photographic contributor for the book Footsteps in the Ash. She’s completed that and is now curator of a bushfire photo exhibition.

Anita Norris lives in Arthur’s creek with her husband, two dogs, five horses and six chickens.

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