Rehoming Luca & Bambi

This story came from a PetRescue member, an organisation called CatsNDogs. It’s such a great story so we wanted to share it.

Luca & Bambi are a pair of Italian Greyhounds whose owner passed away. Her son took on the two dogs but already having three dogs of his own he was unable to accommodate them and sadly had no other alternative but to rehome them. They came to our rescue group and having never had experience with this breed before, boy, were we in for some fun times!

These two delightful dogs leaped around the house, bouncing from each piece of furniture to the next! They would bounce as high as your head when excited and yap and screech whenever they felt so inclined. Word got around that we had a pair of Italians and we were assured that we would NEVER be able to find someone who would be willing to adopt both of them together. This advice even extended to others working within our rescue circle, the general consensus being that unless we split them up and found individual homes for each of them, we would not be able to find anyone to adopt these two livewires!! But we knew the right person just hadn’t come along yet.

Luca had broken his leg prior to coming to rescue and his previous owner had had it repaired at great expense. However, he was no longer weight bearing on it and seemed to have some pain in the joint. After consulting with the vet it was decided it was better to remove the leg now rather than have to remove it later on in life.

During this time we were contacted by a lady named Michelle who lived in Sydney. Michelle’s daughter had two Italians and the family had always had ‘Iggys’ as she called them. Michelle knew ALL about them and was able to paint a picture of these two dogs before I had even opened my mouth! I KNEW that this was the right home for our two.

Luca had his leg removed but couldn’t travel until the stitches were out and everything healed. Three days after the operation he had to go under anaesthetic again as the wound had become swollen and infected due to his constant hyperactive nature. Attempt number two was more successful with only a little swelling. Fourteen days later stitches were out and Luca was given the all clear to fly!

Luca and Bambi were collected by Jetpets courtesy of PetRescue and flown up to Sydney into Michelle’s waiting arms!

A week later, Michelle contacted us on Facebook raving about her two new pooches! Pictures followed and it was quite evident that this was certainly a match made in heaven for both owner and dogs.

Guess the moral of this story clarifies … there IS a home out there for ALL our rescues!

Matt @ CatsNDogs

2 thoughts on “Rehoming Luca & Bambi”

  1. A lovely, and heartening, story.
    If livewire Italian Grehounds are hard to place Senior cats and dogs are probably more so.This is so sad, now that I have reached senior status myself the idea of a puppy is daunting I looked for a senior in need of a home and after a search found a darling 10 yr.old dog who knows how to behave and has fitted into my animal family instantly. Kind to my cats, who also accepted him instantly recognising his spirit. Mature, even elderly, dogs and cats have so much to give, including love.

  2. Hi Ann
    As usual we agree with you! The oldies have so much to give and provide such comfort and support. Well done on your wonderful decision to adopt a ‘senior’

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