animal behaviour

Elephant entertainment

Joyce Poole has a PhD in elephant behaviour from Cambridge University and is co-founder of Elephant Voices, an organisation aimed at securing a kinder future for elephants through research and the sharing of knowledge. Joyce has studied the social behaviour and communication of elephants for more than 30 years, dedicating herself to their conservation and …

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Elephants on the streets

Elephants are simply amazing creatures. One cannot help being awed in their presence. They are complex beings – intelligent, gentle and curious. In Asia, there are many places to get close to elephants, some ethical and others less so. Although you might expect it to be easy, sometimes it’s hard to know the difference. This …

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Elephant Welfare

Earlier this year, we were contacted by two animal activists regarding elephant welfare – after we’d published some stories on elephant sanctuaries in Asia. Adore Animals Foundation Managing Director Lisa Louden had visited one elephant sanctuary in Laos and another in Thailand, and wrote about her experiences there. She went as a full-paying tourist to …

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For the cat lovers

Here’s a little something different for you cat lovers. Eat, Spray, Love is the perfect take on the popular film and described as ‘one cat’s guide to self-discovery without leaving home’. The author, Blossom the cat, is not only talented with a keyboard (obviously), she has some pearls of wisdom to share like “Even – …

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A new version of planking – avoiding the bath at all costs. Like all responsible citizens of the world – we do not recommend you try this at home with your dog. Instead, perhaps try a new bubble bath mix!

Miss Belle nose reds

Those of us who have dogs know they are pretty amazing creatures. Among others, we have assistance dogs, dogs for the vision and hearing impaired and dogs for rehabilitation. But Miss Bella shows us another use for dogs’ intelligence and that super-sensitive nose – by sniffing out dodgy reds! Seven-year-old Miss Louisa Belle, a red Bloodhound, has …

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Burglars Beware

The watchful eyes of our four-legged friends are a key deterrent to burglars according to the latest research from the Petcare Information and Advisory Service (PIAS). ‘With statistics showing that someone in Australia is burgled just about every minute , the vast majority (88 per cent) of dog owners say that having a dog around …

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Middle-aged all the way

Ladies, forget young – middle age rocks … especially if you are a penguin! According to a study published on the online open-access scientific journal PLoS One by a team of scientists from Australia and France, middle-aged female penguins were more successful finding food than young and old females. The team was able to reconstruct …

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Rehoming Luca & Bambi

This story came from a PetRescue member, an organisation called CatsNDogs. It’s such a great story so we wanted to share it. Luca & Bambi are a pair of Italian Greyhounds whose owner passed away. Her son took on the two dogs but already having three dogs of his own he was unable to accommodate them and …

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