Snowy’s amazing recovery

Snowy, the cat who was tied up with an electrical cord, tortured, severely burned and his left ear cut off is finally back at home after a year of treatment.

The animal abuse case that caused a public outcry still remains unsolved, but for Snowy, things are improving. One of Snowy’s family members, Sana, says her family is amazed at Snowy’s recovery and effort that’s gone into Snowy’s treatment.

‘We are eternally grateful to everyone involved,’ says Sana. ‘Snowy is back to smooching and running around the house as normal and his appetite is still as good as ever.’

After hearing about the abuse, people donated thousands of dollars towards Snowy’s veterinary treatment according to RSPCA NSW Inspector Skye Adams. ‘The overwhelming response for Snowy’s case was incredible,’ she says.

Snowy was cared for by the RSPCA and the Animal Referral Hospital (ARH) in Homebush, New South Wales. ARH veterinary surgeon Dr Sarah Goldsmid says during the past 10 months, Snowy had several operations on his skin, as well as skin grafts to close the skin over his back legs and chest that were affected by burns. Dr Goldsmid says performing skin grafting surgery on Snowy was challenging because he hardly had any good skin left to replace the burned skin, and she had to rely on burned skin from other parts of the body.

‘Now, Snowy’s body is covered with beautiful, white fur, but he’ll never have fur on his nose or hair on his eyelids,’ Dr Goldsmid says. But this doesn’t seem to bother Snowy. ‘When we change the bandages, Snowy gets excited as he loves his grooming time when the bandages are off,’ says Dr Goldsmid.

What amazed the ARH and RSPCA staff was not just Snowy’s remarkable healing from the horrific injuries, but the way he handled the recovery.

‘He’s the most affectionate cat you’d ever want to meet,’ says Inspector Adams. ‘His personality got him through this. He’s very trustworthy and always happy to see people, even after what he’s been through.’

There’s been no justice for Snowy yet as the person/s responsible hasn’t been caught.

‘I’ve been an inspector for nine years,’ says Inspector Adams, ‘and when it’s intentional, we can’t stomach it. I can never shake off deliberate acts of cruelty.’

The RSPCA and NSW Police are appealing to anyone with information which may assist this investigation to contact the RSPCA on 02 9770 7555 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

23 thoughts on “Snowy’s amazing recovery”

  1. Lauren Jackson

    Just seen this story on RSPCA Animal Rescue and cried! So worried for Snowy and so glad to hear of his amazing recovery 🙂 disgusted to think that somebody could so this to a defenseless animal, so glad treatment has worked 🙂

  2. Natasha Deans

    As above seen on Rspca animal rescue and was in tears

    so glad that he has recovered, such a beautiful and lovely tempered cat

    very angry that the people that commited this atrocity were never caught
    Makes me sad that lovely animals like snowy can be so badly mistreated with no consequences for the guilty parties x

  3. So glad to see that snowy has made such a great recovery
    saw the rspca programme and made me very angry that some sick son of a b….. did this I hope they get caught soon….

  4. I was in tears when I saw this on RSPCA Animal Rescue – I’m so glad he’s ok but I hope the c***s that did this rot in a prison cell…

  5. I am watching this programme right now and am horrified to see what happened to poor snowy. What is wrong with people, they need locking up. Please lets hope someone will suffer in the end for what they did. God bless you snowy get well soon.

  6. as above
    cant belive what he`s been through and is still affectionate
    no words can discribe what kind of person would do something like this to an affectionate
    and defenceless animal
    i hope they get the justice they deserve as im sure they will one day

  7. Just seen this on british television, I cried and cried with pity for this brave beautiful cat, and cried with rage over the guilty scum who did this to snowy, did they get caught,? How do they sleep at night knowing what theyve done, hope all the family are well, best wishes to them all

  8. Beverley Jones

    I just saw this last week on UK TV. I cried too – how could anyone hurt this gorgeous cat? It’s digusting. So glad he made a recovery. I feel so sad that he will have to live with the memory of what happened to him as I am sure animals have emotional feelings like humans do. Well done Snowy, you are a brave and beautiful cat.

  9. I’m watching RSPCA Animal Rescue with Snowy’s story now & I’m appalled that anybody could do this to a poor defenceless animal. It’s disgusting & I hope they get caught & dealt with accordingly. I hope Snowy is doing well, he is a beautiful cat & very brave x

  10. I am really sorry about ur cat snowed I with I can help my name is joe I am 9 years old and I love animals and I hate cruewelty to animal I wish I can help I hope snowed gets better

  11. Currently watching this on RSPCA Rescue, and I can’t believe that people could do this. Thanks to the RSPCA for everything they do, I want to do that when I’m older

  12. Jeannie, London UK

    Just watched on British tv, obviously a repeat. Had to find out how this beautiful cat is doing, relieved to hear he’s getting better and is now back with his lovely, loving family. My heart breaks at such cruelty but soars when I realise that with the brilliance of the vets, the goodness and generosity of the Australian people and the sheer determination of one amazing cat… conquers over evil.

  13. Poor thing he has come a long way through his healing process, such a brave and loveable cat. We can all take him as a great example of how to face horror when we have horrible hard thing to face in our lives. God bless Snowy and his family and may the person who did this repent see the horror they inflicted and do it no more. What a heartfelt story. All the to you Snowy

  14. Just saw this episode on living TV.. Such a cruel evil act … Made me cry. I just hope the evil people who did this get caught.. But i think 5 years in prision is not enough!!! Well done to everyone who was involved in making snowy better!

  15. What a beautiful brave cat. It’s sad to think someone would take any enjoyment of being so cruel to a defenceless animal. So glade he’s all better now and truly loved.

  16. I just wondered how snowy is doing now he an amazing animal to think he had the fight and resolve to get through something so horrible such things are horrendous and indiscribable and it shows he has a fantastic family that loves him so much which go him through that. I sincerely hope that the person responsible is caught and stops them from ever been able to do something like that again. My best wishes to snowy and his family your story really touched my heart.

  17. Watching Animal Rescue with Snowy really angered me as much as it fascinated me with how well Snowy got through it all and still seem to maintain such a steady character. Likely the pain meds helped, but after the trauma, its amazing he came through still being a trusting and loving companion.
    This enforces my belief our animal companions deserve the chance to live just like other humans and being a animal doesn’t make their life worth any less. I’m so glad the easy choice of ‘putting him to sleep’ wasn’t the outcome, especially with how much his family loved him!
    I only hope the ‘sub-humans’ who perpetrated this were really seriously investigated by authorities and not an act to please the outcryat the time.
    Catching this individual will likely pay off in long run, since he/she would likely become a serial killer which his/her actions have proven to be a serious link to their mentality…

  18. I just saw this as a repeat on RSPCA Animal Rescue, this made me very angry and crying. I’m sorry to see they never caught the sickos (to put it as politely as printable) who did this and I hope they are having a horrible life and they rot in hell. I’m so happy to see beautiful Snowy pulled through and is making the best of the life he has left, I bet this horrific act of violence has shortened his life though. Long live Snowy!

  19. So glad that Snowy is OK, it’s a sick world we are living in. I sincerely hope that one day justice will catch the scumbags that did this and may them rot in hell for ever and ever.
    Much love to the cat and his family!

  20. Has the trash bag responsible bbern caught yet?
    Some sub humans really deserve a Hex.
    Hope karma strikes with force

  21. Penelope Sinclair

    I so glad to hear that Snowy is recovering after this despicable act. Thank god he found his way home and got away from these disgusting things that call themselves human beings. I hope one day they are held accountable to this horrible crime.

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