Response Units are Bushfire Ready

Animal rescue efforts after bushfires will be bolstered following the presentation of a project by the Adore Animals Foundation to Australian Animal Rescue, aptly called Project Bushfire Readiness.

Australian Animal Rescue, an organisation created from the rescue efforts of Black Saturday, has been presented with the latest in GPS navigation technology, hand-held radios and DSE approved clothing and protective gear to enable them to respond immediately to a bushfire emergency.

‘This equipment will make a huge difference to our rescue efforts,’ says Australian Animal Rescue Director, Nigel Williamson. Nigel is pictured at far left (above) with a rescued Tawny Frogmouth. Nigel with some of the Australian Animal Rescue team are wearing the fire-safe DSE-approved gear at the Foundation’s presentation launch at the start of the bushfire season in early December. From left (next to Nigel) are volunteers Sharon (holding a kitten rescued from inside a wall cavity), Monica (with a lamb that had been hit on the head, left to die and rescued after a phone call from a good samaritan), Josh (with another kitten, rescued from the same wall cavity) and Brendan.

More than $5,000 in technology and equipment was thanks to the money was raised from the sales of the Foundation’s book Moments of Connection produced specifically to aid animal recovery and bushfire prevention in the Black Saturday bushfires area.

‘Not only will it enable us to pinpoint animals with the accuracy of GPS,’ says Nigel, ‘but it’ll also allow us to effectively communicate information with other rescue and government agencies.’

Also at the launch were from left (above), Adore Animals Foundation Managing Director Lisa Louden, Petbarn Victoria General Manager Mark O’Brien and far right Adore Animals Foundation Director Dr Robert Holmes.

‘The book is a win-win,’ says Lisa. ‘Not only does it provide positive affirmations on the benefits of animals on children – based on incredible research and photography – all the funds raised go to helping animal projects. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.’

This partnership was also helped by another great relationship between the Adore Animals Foundation and Petbarn stores across the country. ‘Without the significant support of Petbarn who are selling our books at no profit to them, none of this could have happened,’ says Lisa. ‘Petbarn have been instrumental in supporting us and our projects which help other animal organisations.’

Project Bushfire Readiness was the inaugural Black Saturday project for the Adore Animals Foundation. Their second Project to help the highly endangered Leadbeater’s Possum – Victoria’s fauna emblem – is due in April 2011.

‘As part of our charter to show you how the money raised from Moments of Connection, we’ll bring you more stories from Nigel and the team, as well as Project Leadbeater Possum,’ says Lisa. “We love that people can see how their purchases make a difference.’

‘Now we need more people to buy the book so we can continue to make a difference,” says Lisa. ‘It makes a fantastic present and for those companies who want to get involved it makes a purposeful and memorable corporate gift.’

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