Rasputin’s long horns

RasputinRasputin, a goat from Lienz, Tirol in Austria has earned himself a place in the Guinness World Records 2017 all thanks to his extra-long horns!

Nine-year old, Rasputin has a horn spread that measures 135.2 cm (53.23 in) and beats the previous record of 132 cm set in 2004 by Uncle Sam from the USA.

Owner Martin Pirker bought Rasputin, a black-necked goat, four years ago and says the goat’s horns hadn’t always been exceptionally long and have grown significantly over the last few years. His left horn measures at 112cm and his right at 111cm, tip to tip is 135.20cm which is a world record wingspan.

Rasputin lives on a farm with his wife Lily and son Lucky who are both black necked goats like him. He gets fed well and lives in beautiful surroundings in Austria and is a happy goat. Martin who describes Rasputin as being very dominant says he’s very excited to share the news with his friends and family.



Rasputin & Martin


Rasputin’s record is just one of hundreds included in the Guinness World Records 2017 Edition. For more information.

Photos: Richard Bradbury/Guinness World Records

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