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It’s not often that we recommend products we’ve been sent – it’s not that they aren’t good, but besides book reviews, we don’t often do it. This product, however, we just want to share.

Australian designed, this lead by Rufus & Coco is super-functional and good looking, but it also has two very important safety features that we love.

Firstly, it’s reflective, so obviously it’s great for night-time safety. Secondly, it has karabiner-type clips on both ends which means that when you need to tie your dog up to pop into a shop or grab that essential morning coffee, you don’t have to unclip them first, or shorten the lead if you are one of those ‘tying a knot in the leash’ type of folk.

With the Rufus & Coco lead, all you do is secure the lead around a suitable (non-moving) object and then refasten the karabiner onto another clip in the lead. Because it has karabiners at both ends, you don’t have to unclip your dog (keeping them safe all the time) or have a ridiculously short lead.

As an added bonus – convenient and economical – the leads are available at Woolworths for just $20. Excellent!

Do you agree? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Rufus & Coco lead (or any other product you wish to tell us about) …

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