Determining the best treats for your cat

Cat owners want the best cat treat available. However, there are many different types of treats available on the market today for the feline companion. If your cat has a specific aliment, however, then some of these products might be just the help they need.   

Tartar Control Treats 

Since most cats do not visit the dentist regularly, it’s important to maintain the health of the cat’s teeth. The best cat treats, such as Crave Cat Treats, come in a variety of flavours to suit the cat’s palate. These treats are designed specifically to help break down any tartar buildup on the teeth.

Calorie Counting Treats 

Like humans, from time to time a cat may need to be placed on a diet. One of the biggest aids in a cat losing weight is to monitor the calorie intake. The treats designed to help control the calorie intake of the cat has the amount of calories listed on the back on the container; the number listed is typically per treat and not per serving size. On occasion, a veterinarian will recommend substituting a feeding time with some of these calorie counting snacks.

Hairball Reducing Treats 

Treats that reduce hairballs from forming is great news for owners of long-haired cats in particular. Hairballs form as the cat grooms themselves, effectively swallowing some fur in the process. After a period of time, the cat vomits all the fur up; this is referred to as a hairball. Although they are quite normal, many people like to diminish the treat of a hairball on the carpet.

Joint Strength Treats 

Treats that help keep the joints and bones healthy are great for felines of any age. However, these treats are especially beneficially to older cats. These treats act somewhat like a vitamin helping to strengthen the cat for a better quality of life.

No matter what the age or stage of life a cat is in, there is a cat treat that will not only be a delicious snack but will also be beneficially to the cat during that life stage. Some veterinarians recommend taking one-on-one time to feed these special treats to the cat, not only for its health, but to promote human–feline bonding.

Photo: Amber Kipp

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