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It’s not often that we recommend products we’ve been sent – it’s not that they aren’t good, but besides book reviews, we don’t often do it. This product, however, we just want to share. Australian designed, this lead by Rufus & Coco is super-functional and good looking, but it also has two very important safety […]

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The new Adore Animals

Although we’ve said goodbye to the Foundation, the good news is, we’ve decided to stick around, at least for awhile! Adore Animals, as a group of animal devotees, will keep providing information and education about animals, with the aim of inspiring positive solutions for the benefit of animals and fostering positive relationships between humans and animals. We’ve kept most

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Elephant entertainment

Joyce Poole has a PhD in elephant behaviour from Cambridge University and is co-founder of Elephant Voices, an organisation aimed at securing a kinder future for elephants through research and the sharing of knowledge. Joyce has studied the social behaviour and communication of elephants for more than 30 years, dedicating herself to their conservation and

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Elephants on the streets

Elephants are simply amazing creatures. One cannot help being awed in their presence. They are complex beings – intelligent, gentle and curious. In Asia, there are many places to get close to elephants, some ethical and others less so. Although you might expect it to be easy, sometimes it’s hard to know the difference. This

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Elephant Welfare

Earlier this year, we were contacted by two animal activists regarding elephant welfare – after we’d published some stories on elephant sanctuaries in Asia. Adore Animals Foundation Managing Director Lisa Louden had visited one elephant sanctuary in Laos and another in Thailand, and wrote about her experiences there. She went as a full-paying tourist to

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Always, the animals

This article was originally published in Good Gabble in September 2010. We’ve just discovered an eduation program that does exactly what our Mangaging Director was speaking about here in relation to Dancing Bears. We have provided that link in this article … There were early, indicative signs Lisa Louden’s life would involve helping animals –

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A new version of planking – avoiding the bath at all costs. Like all responsible citizens of the world – we do not recommend you try this at home with your dog. Instead, perhaps try a new bubble bath mix!

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Miss Belle nose reds

Those of us who have dogs know they are pretty amazing creatures. Among others, we have assistance dogs, dogs for the vision and hearing impaired and dogs for rehabilitation. But Miss Bella shows us another use for dogs’ intelligence and that super-sensitive nose – by sniffing out dodgy reds! Seven-year-old Miss Louisa Belle, a red Bloodhound, has

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Puppy Size

We receive bundles of emails, inspirations and information about animals everyday. Some break your heart and others lift you. We don’t often post them, but this one is so simple and lovely, we thought we’d share it with you. It’s about a little girl visiting a shelter looking for a new four-legged friend. ‘Danielle keeps repeating

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