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Treating Separation Distress

Article by Dr Robert Holmes When talking separation distress, different circumstances call for different treatments; what is applicable and acceptable for one household, may not be suitable for others. The type and intensity of the separation distress, available space, household routine and the carer’s attitude are all factors that affect the decision on how to …

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Lonely Dogs

Article by Dr Robert Holmes Lonely dogs may cause a litany of annoyance, anger, frustration, despair, helplessness, bewilderment and guilt. And that is just in their carers. The destruction of the remote control, or the pooping and peeing around the family room are often interpreted as the dog being spiteful and seeking revenge for being …

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Dogs in Cars

If you don’t restrain your dog while driving, then give this some thought – in a car accident, the force of a dog hitting you, another passenger or another object is many times the force of gravity. So the faster you drive, the greater the impact in a crash and the greater the force with …

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No Kidding

Pets are more than just companions for your little ones and research shows it. From enhancing health and wellbeing to helping develop social skills and providing lasting psychological benefits, as Lisa Louden discovered, animals are proving in a myriad of ways their benefits to children. In a survey conducted in the UK of more than …

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Majestic Giants

Despite its name, the Whale Shark is not a whale but the biggest fish in the world. Huge, beautiful and harmless, this majestic giant can grow up to 18 metres long. Sadly, like many other creatures on earth, the Whale Shark is under threat of extinction, but there is hope, as Dr Stephen Van Mil …

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