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Avoid the beauty hype

Let’s face it, cosmetics companies are fond of releasing products with fancy names like flux epidermal hydrator or anti-aging defier every few months, claiming some type of new beauty breakthrough. While many of these products may sound fabulous, in reality, they’re mostly just fabulous marketing. There are some basics about skin care, however, that we can remain level-headed about (unlike the use of …

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Peace of Mind

Ann Walker has lived with animals her entire life. She currently lives with three dogs, three cats, a pony and a donkey. Now in her seventies, many people ask what she’ll do with her animals once she ‘moves on’. But as Ann explains, thanks to a bequest program she no longer worries about her charges. …

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A Seal’s Fate

A young fur seal has swum more than sixty kilometres to return to where he was hand-fed on fish, choosing a life with humans over that of one with his fellow fur seals. It’s a situation unwittingly created by humans, says relocation team leader Dr Katrina Gregory, and one that now has to be managed …

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The Dove Whisperer

Like every great magician, Cath Jamison knows the secrets to an entertaining show. Sassy, bold and confidently funny, after 20 years it’s not surprising she’s the number one female magician in the country. Like many before her, Cath includes doves in her show, and as Lisa Louden discovers, this is where the magic really begins. …

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Captain Paul Watson – Saving our Seas, Part 2

We continue our interview with controversial Sea Shepherd founder Captain Paul Watson. Article by Lisa Louden. Find Part 1 here … ‘In comparison to the problems that the world’s wildlife population has experienced, I don’t think that any human sacrifice is anything, really. We’re not sacrificing anything.’ People’s opinions of Captain Paul Watson are divided, …

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