Bonsai – another great ad – cats need rehoming too

Although our first project is dog rehoming, did you know that it also supports cats? There’s been some pretty amazing research on dog rehoming published recently (with other studies underway). Some of these studies, by Australian researchers, assess the success of research-based dog rehoming programs, which concentrate on destressing techniques in shelters, owner/dog bonding and training and post-training and care.

These programs are some of the most positive programs for dog rehoming success and, interestingly, early research shows that they’re also beneficial for cats! So, while our first project is dog rehoming, we just wanted to let you know, it also helps cat rehoming and we’re all for that.

To that end, we wanted to share with you this classic TV ad from the Best Friends Animal Society; their take on how much fun owning an adopted cat can be. The Best Friends Animals Society’s vision is A better world through kindness to animals, and their mission is No More Homeless Pets.



Click here to visit the Best Friends Animal Society.


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