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Endangered Species Series

Australia has one of the highest rates of mammal extinction in the world, and since Black Saturday, more animals are under threat. The area where Black Saturday happened provided natural habitat for many species, and sadly, many are more threatened and endangered due to destruction of their habitat. This series of Endangered Species articles will

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Click and help save animals

This is something everyone with a computer can do and it only takes an internet click. Tin Can Bay, adjacent to Fraser Island, hosts one of the few outstanding ecosystems on the east coast of Australia. Since 2004, the community has banded together to fight a marina development. Now, there’s a second development application in the

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Black Saturday help

Nigel Williamson has been rescuing companion animals and wildlife from precarious situations for nearly 25 years. Faced with trying to rescue of hundreds of animals injured and dying from the Black Saturday bushfires, he needed every ounce of this experience and more. Hands-on at the coal face, Nigel and his volunteer team from Nigel’s Rescue

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Cosmetic certifications: what do they really mean?

There’s something comforting about product certification; it’s our way of knowing that a third party has assessed that product and endorsed it. The Heart Foundation Tick, for example, has long been a campaigner on supermarket shelves approving everything from margarine to marinades. Certification is how companies legitimise their products. Those manufacturers that have them, will do anything to

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Captain Paul Watson – Saving our Seas, Part 2

We continue our interview with controversial Sea Shepherd founder Captain Paul Watson. Article by Lisa Louden. Find Part 1 here … ‘In comparison to the problems that the world’s wildlife population has experienced, I don’t think that any human sacrifice is anything, really. We’re not sacrificing anything.’ People’s opinions of Captain Paul Watson are divided,

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