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Pandas in the Wild

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to attend the Chengdu Panda Research Centre in Sichuan, China. In fact, I went every day while in Chengdu, so fascinating were these Giant Pandas and their distant relatives the Red Panda, who are also at the centre. From the Giant Panda’s methodical stripping of leaves – one panda stripped […]

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Hope from the Kinglake Fire

The Kinglake fires were just one of several Black Saturday bushfires on February 7, 2009. The Kinglake region was one of the worst hit, not just in human loss, but also from the destruction of hundreds and thousands of hectares of animal habitat. The fate of several endangered and vulnerable species in the Black Saturday

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Elephants playing like boys

As these elephants show, in this amazing video footage from National Geographic filmed in the Okavango Delta National Park in Botswana, just like humans, these young male elephants just want to have fun. Elephants can be mischievous and cheeky and as this rare footage of elephants show, just like human boys, what good fun it is to act rough and tumble, splash and role-play.

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The reality of dog rehoming

The common term used by a person with a dog to describe themselves used to be ‘dog owner’. Then it became ‘dog carer’ and ‘dog guardian’ and there’re a few new terms now floating around. Some of these new terms are actually better as, after all, ‘owner’ is not always representative of the relationship we

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Rain + Sunshine = Bushfires

Following the horrific Black Saturday bushfires in February this year, this summer is shaping up to be another bad bushfire season. This time, though, lessons have been learnt and authorities are applying these lessons to save lives. November 2009 has been an unusual month in Victoria – Melbourne’s hottest November on record and the wettest

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Dogs in Cars

If you don’t restrain your dog while driving, then give this some thought – in a car accident, the force of a dog hitting you, another passenger or another object is many times the force of gravity. So the faster you drive, the greater the impact in a crash and the greater the force with

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Dog Rehoming Project

Background Each year in Australian shelters more than 150,000 animals are euthanased, the majority of them dogs and cats. Most shelters are stretched for resources due to the sheer number of unwanted pets. There are more than 220 shelters and care organisations in Australia; most of them are small or individually run. They have sprung

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