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Stop the shark massacre

In less than 48 hours, a misguided new policy is set to begin off the coast of Western Australia that will see sharks hunted and killed. Despite more than 100 leading scientists opposing the new ‘catch and kill’ policy and protests from community groups and individuals, the policy is set to start on Friday. The […]

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Click and help save animals

This is something everyone with a computer can do and it only takes an internet click. Tin Can Bay, adjacent to Fraser Island, hosts one of the few outstanding ecosystems on the east coast of Australia. Since 2004, the community has banded together to fight a marina development. Now, there’s a second development application in the

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A Seal’s Fate

A young fur seal has swum more than sixty kilometres to return to where he was hand-fed on fish, choosing a life with humans over that of one with his fellow fur seals. It’s a situation unwittingly created by humans, says relocation team leader Dr Katrina Gregory, and one that now has to be managed

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Captain Paul Watson – Saving our Seas, Part 2

We continue our interview with controversial Sea Shepherd founder Captain Paul Watson. Article by Lisa Louden. Find Part 1 here … ‘In comparison to the problems that the world’s wildlife population has experienced, I don’t think that any human sacrifice is anything, really. We’re not sacrificing anything.’ People’s opinions of Captain Paul Watson are divided,

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