Endangered Species Series

Australia has one of the highest rates of mammal extinction in the world, and since Black Saturday, more animals are under threat. The area where Black Saturday happened provided natural habitat for many species, and sadly, many are more threatened and endangered due to destruction of their habitat. This series of Endangered Species articles will

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Black Saturday help

Nigel Williamson has been rescuing companion animals and wildlife from precarious situations for nearly 25 years. Faced with trying to rescue of hundreds of animals injured and dying from the Black Saturday bushfires, he needed every ounce of this experience and more. Hands-on at the coal face, Nigel and his volunteer team from Nigel’s Rescue

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Love me, love my pet

Could it be that singles of both sexes are choosing to put their love for their pets ahead of finding a partner? According to new research, 83 per cent of single women and 64 per cent of single men wouldn’t start a relationship with someone who didn’t like their pet. Going by the adage, a dog’s a great judge of character,

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Bindi’s books

Kids go mad for her, so if Bindi Irwin’s new series of books sell like the Harry Potter series, then kids will be spruiking animals and their welfare as they did wizards and their magic. (And wouldn’t that be magic!) Without having read the first book of the series, released today (June 1)  or without the opinion (to

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The Dove Whisperer

Like every great magician, Cath Jamison knows the secrets to an entertaining show. Sassy, bold and confidently funny, after 20 years it’s not surprising she’s the number one female magician in the country. Like many before her, Cath includes doves in her show, and as Lisa Louden discovers, this is where the magic really begins.

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