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Animals with emotions

Those of us who own pets wouldn’t deny it. Do animals have emotions? In this TED talk, Carl Safina, who has a PhD in ecology and is the Professor for nature and humanity at Stony Brook University, and the founding President of the not-for-profit, Safina Centre, provides a different perspective on animals. Carl says humans […]

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Jenny and Shirley

Just to watch these two old elephants, Jenny and Shirley, gives you the most perfect picture of what friendship is about. This remarkable story of friendship began twenty-two years ago at a circus when Jenny was a calf and Shirley was in her twenties. Back then, they only spent one winter together before they were

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Pandas in the Wild

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to attend the Chengdu Panda Research Centre in Sichuan, China. In fact, I went every day while in Chengdu, so fascinating were these Giant Pandas and their distant relatives the Red Panda, who are also at the centre. From the Giant Panda’s methodical stripping of leaves – one panda stripped

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Hope from the Kinglake Fire

The Kinglake fires were just one of several Black Saturday bushfires on February 7, 2009. The Kinglake region was one of the worst hit, not just in human loss, but also from the destruction of hundreds and thousands of hectares of animal habitat. The fate of several endangered and vulnerable species in the Black Saturday

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Elephants playing like boys

As these elephants show, in this amazing video footage from National Geographic filmed in the Okavango Delta National Park in Botswana, just like humans, these young male elephants just want to have fun. Elephants can be mischievous and cheeky and as this rare footage of elephants show, just like human boys, what good fun it is to act rough and tumble, splash and role-play.

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