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Black Saturday help

Nigel Williamson has been rescuing companion animals and wildlife from precarious situations for nearly 25 years. Faced with trying to rescue of hundreds of animals injured and dying from the Black Saturday bushfires, he needed every ounce of this experience and more. Hands-on at the coal face, Nigel and his volunteer team from Nigel’s Rescue […]

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Christian the Lion – John Rendall Part 2

If you loved the YouTube video (see Animal TV) then our extended interview with John Rendall is essential listening. Part Two of Lisa Louden’s interview with John Rendall begins with John speaking about George Adamson’s first impressions of Christian. Although George had heard plenty about Christian, their first meeting was at Nairobi airport, following Christian’s

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Christian the Lion

This is one of our favourite videos, so we thought it was a good way to kick off Animal TV! We’ve included the clip with a short introduction from leading US broadcaster Barbara Walters. Watch the video and then listen to our interview with John Rendall on our podcast. Inspiring! [youtube][/youtube]        

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A Lion called Christian

If you loved the YouTube video (see Animal TV) of the reunion of a lion with two of his former owners, then this book is a must read. A Lion called Christian is the story behind an unusual and lasting friendship. It’s testimony to the power of acceptance, understanding, respect and compassion. Australians Ace Bourke

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