elephant welfare

Jenny and Shirley

Just to watch these two old elephants, Jenny and Shirley, gives you the most perfect picture of what friendship is about. This remarkable story of friendship began twenty-two years ago at a circus when Jenny was a calf and Shirley was in her twenties. Back then, they only spent one winter together before they were

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Elephant entertainment

Joyce Poole has a PhD in elephant behaviour from Cambridge University and is co-founder of Elephant Voices, an organisation aimed at securing a kinder future for elephants through research and the sharing of knowledge. Joyce has studied the social behaviour and communication of elephants for more than 30 years, dedicating herself to their conservation and

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Elephants on the streets

Elephants are simply amazing creatures. One cannot help being awed in their presence. They are complex beings – intelligent, gentle and curious. In Asia, there are many places to get close to elephants, some ethical and others less so. Although you might expect it to be easy, sometimes it’s hard to know the difference. This

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Elephant Welfare

Earlier this year, we were contacted by two animal activists regarding elephant welfare – after we’d published some stories on elephant sanctuaries in Asia. Adore Animals Foundation Managing Director Lisa Louden had visited one elephant sanctuary in Laos and another in Thailand, and wrote about her experiences there. She went as a full-paying tourist to

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