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Christian the Lion

This is one of our favourite videos, so we thought it was a good way to kick off Animal TV! We’ve included the clip with a short introduction from leading US broadcaster Barbara Walters. Watch the video and then listen to our interview with John Rendall on our podcast. Inspiring! [youtube][/youtube]         …

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A Lion called Christian

If you loved the YouTube video (see Animal TV) of the reunion of a lion with two of his former owners, then this book is a must read. A Lion called Christian is the story behind an unusual and lasting friendship. It’s testimony to the power of acceptance, understanding, respect and compassion. Australians Ace Bourke …

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Little Black Dog

Little Black Dog Publications is dedicated to telling stories that amaze, inspire and encourage; to finding and interpreting research and to publishing photos that communicate, motivate and make you feel something. They’re committed to quality writing and editing, attention-to-detail and a well-crafted final product. Little Black Dog Publications produces publications in accordance to its passions …

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