Egg Victory

Animal protection organisation Animals Australia has announced that Woolworths has become the first Australian supermarket to commit to a phase out of ALL cage eggs by 2018. According to their report, the supermarket giant is responding to growing consumer demand to address animal welfare. As part of the overhaul, caged eggs will also no longer be an ingredient of any home-brand product. In 2009, caged eggs accounted for 70 per cent of egg sales at Woolworths. Now, caged eggs account for 50 per cent of eggs sold and the 12 caged egg suppliers to Woolworths will have time to shift […] Read more »

Ideas to help animals

In October, the University of Melbourne’s ‘Festival of Ideas’ is a smorgasbord of events. One of these events aims to help the orangutan under threat in Indonesia and Borneo by highlighting the devastating effects of palm oil production.   Palm oil is used in a number of everyday items including snack foods, cleaning products and toiletries. Current palm oil production methods have a dire impact on the environment and communities in which the industry operates. These devastating consequences include the deforestation of pristine rainforest in Indonesia and Borneo, putting already vulnerable species at risk of extinction. In Australia, palm oil […] Read more »

Challenge your pet and save lives

Spring may mean warmer months, but for animal shelters across Australia it also means an influx of abandoned and neglected puppies and kittens. In a bid to help cope with the extra numbers, the Animal Welfare League NSW (AWL) has launched their annual ‘Save a Life in September’ adoption drive and fundraiser and you can be a part of it by challenging your pet! The Pet Challenge is all about asking pet owners to set a challenge for their fur babies to help raise funds for abandoned animals, less fortunate than themselves. “As part of Save a Life we are […] Read more »

Supporting human-animal interaction research

Anthrozoology is the study of human-animal interaction. Animals contribute to our world in countless ways – from the joys of having a companion animal to the highly trained specialist in areas like health, security and border protection. It truly is amazing what animals give us. In areas of health, the possibilities and benefits of animals to humans is proving virtually endless. In fact, there are so many benefits and possibilities, that in May 2011, the Australian Anthrozoology Research Foundation (AARF) was founded with the aim of maximising human health through supporting scholarly research in human-animal relationships. The vision of the […] Read more »

It’s no free range in Queensland

Free range egg standards are set to drop dramatically in Queensland, the state which have long been reputed as a leader in the production of free range eggs in Australia. The Queensland Government has significantly weakened its free range egg standards, raising the allowable stocking density from 1,500 birds per hectare to a massive 10,000 per hectare while outdoors. The Queensland move comes at a time when the South Australian Government is adjusting its own voluntary free range standards to 1,500 birds per hectare in line with more humane free range accreditation systems, a move supported by Voiceless, the animal […] Read more »

Purrfect Partners

Two years on, the Purrfect Partners program established by Animal Welfare League New South Wales and Kellyville Pets has successfully rehomed more than one hundred cats. The Purrfect Partner program focuses on the rehoming of adult cats and since the program began in 2011, there have been some amazing second chance stories. Cleo, the cat, was flown all the way to rural Queensland, thanks also to Pet Rescue and Just Pets, and is an example of the lengths these organisations go to, to give animals the life they deserve. Cleo had been with Animal Welfare League NSW for more than […] Read more »

Rally to oppose breed specific legislation

Laws targeting particular dog breeds deemed to be dangerous by the State Government will not reduce dog attacks or make our communities safer, according to Western Australians Against Breed Specific Legislation (WAABSL) spokesperson, Jen Adams. Ms Adams says the Barnett Government introduced the Dog Amendment Bill 2012 last year and it was expected to come up for debate in State Parliament over the next few weeks. “The Barnett Government’s proposed changes to the WA Dog Act – which include harsher penalties for owners of dangerous dogs and up to 10 years imprisonment for owners of dangerous dogs that attack, injure […] Read more »

Help seniors live life to the fullest

Pet owners with pets more than seven years of age are being urged to give their furry friends some TLC to help with age related health problems. Senior pets suffer many of the same conditions that plague their human counterparts, such as arthritis, heart failure and vision impairment. These conditions can be managed and sometimes prevented with twice yearly vet check-ups. Greencross Vets Brookvale Vet Director, Dr Adam Sternburg says, “It’s important for senior pets to see a vet regularly to identify any problems that may affect their quality of life as they get older. “Much like senior people, it […] Read more »

Last chance to assist survey

A Murdoch University researcher who is investigating the threats to wild platypus populations in North West Tasmania is appealing to the general public to note their sightings of the iconic mammals in a survey. Veterinarian, Dr James Macgregor, from the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences’ Conservation Medicine Program is gathering information about the distribution and abundance of platypuses in the Inglis River catchment. The information collected in the survey will be related to the results of Dr Macgregor’s field study of the same area and will be compared with the findings of similar surveys completed elsewhere in Tasmania and […] Read more »

Great Backyard Birdcount goes global

In the largest worldwide bird count ever, bird watchers from 101 countries, including Australia, made history in February in the first global Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC). From 15 to 18 February, 2013, bird watchers from around the world set new records, counting more than 25 million birds on 116,000 checklists in four days. They also recorded 3,138 species, nearly one-third of the world’s total bird species. The data will continue to flow in until today (March 1). Building on the success of the GBBC in the United States and Canada for the past 15 years, the Cornell Lab of […] Read more »