Elephants playing like boys

As these elephants show, in this amazing video footage from National Geographic filmed in the Okavango Delta National Park in Botswana, just like humans, these young male elephants just want to have fun. Elephants can be mischievous and cheeky and as this rare footage of elephants show, just like human boys, what good fun it is to act rough and tumble, splash and role-play. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IB97YVd0Vdg[/youtube]   Read more »

A few too many – festive Vervet Monkeys

It’s the festive season so we thought this video from the BBC’s animal show Weird Nature would be an apt way to bring in the New Year. These Vervet Monkeys on the island of St Kitts in the Caribbean have developed quite a taste for alcohol, so much so, they’ve even been the subject of several studies (with interesting comparisons to human populations). As with these oblivious patrons, if you’re reaching for your cocktail on St Kitts and it’s suddenly not there, now you’ll know exactly who to blame! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSm7BcQHWXk[/youtube] Read more »

The flight of the Bumblebee

Animals never cease to amaze me. And one of the finest examples is the Bumblebee. Their systems of hive organisation and individual rank and role seem highly evolved for such a small creature. Add in the facts that bees can fly at speeds of more than 45 kilometres an hour, carry 90 per cent of their body weight in pollen and contribute to about one-third of an average human’s diet (by pollination), they are a pretty amazing critter. And let’s not forget the honey! This video from BBC’s Animal Camera on the flight of the Bumblebee provides another amazing insight into […] Read more »

Slow Motion Sunday – amazing animal video of rolling critters

Could this be where man found the inspiration for the invention of the wheel? In this clip from the BBC’s Weird Nature, we meet a salamander and a caterpillar with a great trick for getting downhill in a hurry. Why walk if you can roll? [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmLS2WXZQxU[/youtube] You can also view this clip in a larger format on our Favourites list at the Adore Animals Foundation YouTube channel. Read more »

White Collar – another great ad for dog rehoming

Earlier in the week, we brought you an ad for the The Shelter Pet Project. So, to end the week, we thought we’d bring you another. In this funny, 30-second TV ad, which aims to give shelter pets a voice, we hear a dog’s take on prison versus shelters! The reason this dog is carted to a rehoming centre is due to it’s dodgy owner, rather than anything the dog has done. It’s a point cleverly made, and one to remember.  So … if you’re looking for a pet and you’ve never considered the rehoming option, we ask you to reconsider! As my dog Mr Wiggly proves (snoring gently beside me) they can be great companions!  [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-Bx4EK15W4[/youtube]   Read more »

Bonsai – another great ad – cats need rehoming too

Although our first project is dog rehoming, did you know that it also supports cats? There’s been some pretty amazing research on dog rehoming published recently (with other studies underway). Some of these studies, by Australian researchers, assess the success of research-based dog rehoming programs, which concentrate on destressing techniques in shelters, owner/dog bonding and training and post-training and care. These programs are some of the most positive programs for dog rehoming success and, interestingly, early research shows that they’re also beneficial for cats! So, while our first project is dog rehoming, we just wanted to let you know, it also helps cat rehoming and we’re all for that. To that […] Read more »

Ditched – a great ad for dog rehoming

In this 30-second TV ad for the The Shelter Pet Project humour is used to help tackle some of the myths about pets from rehoming centres. The Shelter Pet Project is a US joint venture between the Humane Society of the United States, Maddie’s Fund and the Ad Council. It’s goal is to give shelter pets a voice. If you check out their website, you’ll see they’ve certainly achieved that. And this ad is no exception! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SKerU-PkbA[/youtube]     Read more »

Slow Motion Sunday – the second of our amazing animal videos

Here’s another opportunity to take a few moments and slow down. In our Slow Motion Sundays posts, we take a weekly look at the animal kingdom in slow motion. In this Sunday’s video from the BBC’s Animal Camera you’ll see incredible, super slo-mo footage of the fastest tongue in the world and meet the tiny Mantis Shrimp that packs a 60 kilogram punch! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcWxAfl0okE[/youtube]   Read more »

Slow Motion Sunday – another amazing animal video

Especially at this busy time of year, we know it’s important to take a few moments and slow down. So we thought we’d help out with our new Slow Motion Sundays. Every Sunday, we’ll take a look at the animal kingdom in slow motion. If you think you know how a dog drinks, this video may change your thinking. This slow motion footage from the Discovery Channel’s Time Warp reveals the fascinating truth. In just 40 seconds, you’ll see how Rover manages to keep his thirst at bay – and for many of us, it turns our perception of the […] Read more »

An amazing animal-human interaction with a Leopard Seal

Our goal is to foster positive relationships between humans and animals. So, imagine our delight when we saw National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen interacting with the gigantic, and potentially deadly, Leopard Seal in Antarctica. The video of this interaction, narrated by Paul, represents positive relationships at their most incredible. Their relationship lasted only four days, but will no doubt remain in Paul’s mind for the rest of his life. Paul showed an incredible insight into animal behaviour, by understanding what the Leopard Seal was trying to teach him. Amazingly, he came to these understandings with a creature – with a […] Read more »