The real life of a dairy cow

Many people believe dairy cows live idyllic lives, naturally producing enough milk to feed their young and provide for human consumption. In reality, the dairy cow is subject to a perpetual cycle of calving, milking and impregnation. She has been bred to produce double the milk she could have thirty years ago, and to ensure her yield remains at its peak, she is forcibly impregnated every 13 months to produce a calf who is immediately taken away from her. These factors all impact negatively on her welfare but remain mostly hidden from the view of consumers. The Life of the […] Read more »

Animals with emotions

Those of us who own pets wouldn’t deny it. Do animals have emotions? This Hawaiian Sea Turtle story tells the story of a male who appears to be missing his mate ‘Honeygirl’ after she was senselessly murdered. So, do animals feel emotion? If you don’t believe it, this animal story may make you feel differently. Was this turtle missing his mate? Tell us your view and also share your ‘animal emotion’ story here Watch the video clip here:   [youtube][/youtube]   Read more »

Jenny and Shirley

Just to watch these two old elephants, Jenny and Shirley, gives you the most perfect picture of what friendship is about. This remarkable story of friendship began twenty-two years ago at a circus when Jenny was a calf and Shirley was in her twenties. Back then, they only spent one winter together before they were seperated, but it was enough to form a bond that will now last a lifetime. Twenty-two years later Shirley was taken to an elephant sanctuary to live out her days in freedom. Solomon, Shirley’s human carer, sums up this beautifully (and emotionally). He says, ‘I […] Read more »

Tropfest winner sends positive message

This year’s Tropfest winner has a positive message about animals with a beat that stays in your head. Very fun and very cool! Click on the video (and turn the sound up!)         [youtube][/youtube]   Read more »

Get aware and HELP

For those of you who don’t know the horror of puppy farms – it’s time to get acquainted. We see this destruction everyday and everyday we’re devastated by it. And it’s not just puppy farms, it’s euthanasia at shelters (that are supposed to be safe havens for animals – praise the NO kill shelters), live export atrocities, bear bile farming, it’s torture and cruelty … unfortunately, the list goes on and on. The Adore Animals Foundation is about fostering positive relationships between humans and animals and it’s also about respecting and valuing animals. So here’s what I urge you to […] Read more »

Horses in flood

Our animal friends in the Queensland floods are fighting for survival. This video, below, of amazing photographs shows the devastation and efforts to save loved ones. Thanks to The Equine Passion for this tribute to their beautiful friends.         [youtube][/youtube]   Read more »

Have you seen a shark do this?

This video shows how we’re always discovering new things about animals. This shark is in tonic immobility, a natural state of paralysis. Shark researchers often use this technique to gather information about sharks. It also provides for some pretty awesome animal interaction, although we do not suggest you try this! Thanks to one of our friends on our You Tube channel for showing us this video!   [youtube][/youtube]     Read more »

It’s all about amazing relationships

This video clip is sure to enhance your day! It features two of our favourite animals, in what can only be described as amazing. And while it is amazing, as we already know at the Adore Animals Foundation, it’s not unusual. Animals never cease to inspire, fascinate and teach us something new every day. Incidently, this story was part of a National Geographic feature, however, we couldn’t find the link to the clip (which is brilliant, so sorry!) but here’s one the company themselves put together. [youtube][/youtube].   Read more »

Pandas in the Wild

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to attend the Chengdu Panda Research Centre in Sichuan, China. In fact, I went every day while in Chengdu, so fascinating were these Giant Pandas and their distant relatives the Red Panda, who are also at the centre. From the Giant Panda’s methodical stripping of leaves – one panda stripped exactly five branches of leaves before eating – to the rough and tumble play of four juvenile pandas, these amazing creatures kept me entertained for hours. Pandas are an endangered species, in fact, in the wild it’s thought only about 1,000 remain. Worldwide, zoos help boost […] Read more »